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I'm an Italian girl who loves XVIII century and this is the blog in which I'll post my personal things!
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The signs

You know that your Birthday is coming when …

  1. You see the first flowers blooming
  2. The light hours starts to being more and more
  3. The air gets each day a bit more warm (today I managed to going out of the balcony without my coat … it was less cold than a week ago!)
  4. You start to hear the birds chirping loud

The pros

  1. If it’s warm enough, you can do your feast outside
  2. Roughly each 4-5 years, someone can bring you Easter eggs earlier (like this year, for example!) … if your birthday is on Easter’s day, still better!
  3. If someone brings you flowers as a present, you know that outside they have a slighter chance to live more than when someone brings you Christmas stars in full December …
  4. If you like green and your birthday is on St. Patrick’s day … good luck!
  5. People says that Pisces are the “lefthanders” of the Zodiac (“lefthanders” is here intended as the creatives).

The cons

  1. If your birthday is on Women’s day and you’re allergic to mimosas, you’ll pass the party sneezing and with your head spinning (unless you’re male …)
  2. March’s weather is a bit crazy (An italian proverb says Marzo pazzerello, esce il sole porta l’ombrello!), so you should always be ready to a repentine weather change …
  3. If you really like chocolate (and your birthday is next to Easter), you must resist to don’t opening the eggs before …

So, those are my points. If you have other ideas, add them reblogging it!